Employee Mortgage Advice Service

Are you looking for ways to keep your staff productive, whilst giving them actual perks that make their lives easier?

At Mortgage Advice UK, our dedicated team of mortgage advisors work together with your HR and benefits team to offer your employees, partners and associates, fee free mortgage advice services. Including individual meetings in their workplace, and educational seminar sessions.

Finding the right mortgage option can be pretty time consuming and requires a lot of research which can be a stressful distraction for your employees. By providing them with a simple way to get through this process, you can save valuable time for your company, whilst also motivating and retaining talent by offering them genuinely useful perks and benefits.

As a partner organisation, you bear none of the costs, risks or suffer any additional workload.

We offer solutions to the current high demand for financial well being and work with a number of partner firms who are all seeing real benefits for their employees through the programme.

To learn more, get in touch and we can discuss how we can work with your organisation.